Film Producers - Professional Photographers in Barcelona

We are film producers and photographers. We provide photography services and film services for  commercial video production and corporate video production!  Our professional photographers and filmmakers handle your project from end to end. From pre-production to post-production. We handle everything in-house from script writing, photoshoot & videoshoot to sound design! 

Photography by Professional Photographers

Portraits & Headshots

Portrait Photographer

Capturing the right portrait, the right headshot is more difficult than it seems! Disappointed by your previous professional photographer ?

Influencer, model, or a business owner? Our portrait photographer will make you shine!

Your photograph, wether it's a portrait or a headshot deserves the best!

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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photographer

As professional photographers and creatives, we will help you with your branding! Create powerful and stunning images!

We, professional photographers will help you showcase your products! Lead your customers to action with your advertising!

Sexy, beautiful, trendy photography, we have what you need! Contact our photographer!

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Corporate Photography

Corporate Photographer

Looking for a corporate photographer? We cover anything from corporate portraits, conferences, events to studio photography!

Your business needs a new visual identity? Then our professional photographer will help you build it! For web or social media!

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Videos by passionate Filmmakers

Creative Minds


You want to make your commercial video stand out? Not easy...

Commercial video, or corporate video? Any other video project? Paper Prod can help!

You have your own team? We partner with your creatives !

Create the best content with our filmmakers and creatives! Send the right message to your audience!

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Video Production

Because we are professional photographers and filmmakers! We will produce your commercial video!

When it comes to shooting video, you often have one chance to get it right!

Our team of photographers and filmmakers will help you succeed in your project.

Your commercial video production is your customer's first impression!

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Video Pre-production

We handle the whole pre-production cycle! Relax, focus on your main job.

Making the perfect video often requires preparation, time and efforts!

Save time, money, efforts and trouble! Our Commercial video film producers will help you!

Your business needs its commercial video to be striking and cost- effective!

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Video Post-Production

A good post-production often differentiates the good video from the phenomenal video!

From global aesthetic, post-compositing, color grading, effects to sound design.

Tailor-made commercial video with exclusive sound design. Unique soundtrack to boost your commercial!

Hire our expert filmmakers to take you video to the next level!

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