12 iPhone photography tips to improve your photos

You want to take better photos with your iPhone? You don’t need to be an award wining photographer! Given the fact that you probably take your iPhone everywhere, every time…it is your best companion and very best camera!

1. Hold tight! with two hands

Don’t laugh! We often see people trying to take pictures holding their iPhone with one hand, adding unwanted movement (and blurriness) to photos! So this is the first rule to make sure you frame correctly your subject! It does not matter if you are going to take an horizontal or vertical shot. Just grab your iPhone with two hands!

2. Correctly place your fingers on the shutter

Most people take photos using the touchscreen. It may seem a good idea, but believe us it is not! Why? After framing your subject, pressing on the virtual shutter (screen button) you are going to add movement to your photos! Resulting in a less accurate framing! Moreover in some cases (low light), this will also add blur to your images.

From now on, try placing your fingers on the physical shutters : Vol + / Vol – 

3. Breath while you make the shot (Shaky hands!)

Hum another strange advice? Nope! 

Now that you are in control of your framing and the shutter mechanism, the last thing you need to control is : your shaky hands! To do that, take a breath before pressing the shutter, then while breathing out, press the shutter! That’s it!

Trying to stay focus without breathing or while breathing in will increase shakiness…

4. Unless wanted, avoid fast moving subject

While the latest iPhone line have a pretty fast shutter speed (up to 1/8000), most of the time you don’t have control over that setting. It is not a sport camera designed to photograph fast moving subjects! If you try to, most of the time you  will end up with blurred images.

Just avoid these subjects!

5. Avoid low lights

Last iPhone like Xs and the Pro line have done wonderful progress in low light situations. But, hand holding your iPhone to take photos at night won’t be very flattering. Pictures will lack contrast, show significant noise and most of the time a good amount of blur. You should always try to find a good source of light for your pictures.

If you really want to take better pictures at night or make creative photography, consider buying a dedicated tripod and a specialized app. See key points 11 and 12!

6. Minimalism, keep it simple

Let your audience focus on the subject! Keep your photos simple, try not to picture too complicated scenes as your potential audience will loose the point of your photo! If you want to tell a story or make a stunning visual, think about the center of attention. Try to include one or two graphic elements maximum, so your photo is readable!

We wrote a portrait cropping guide that also discusses simplicity in photographs. It might be worth checking it!

Simple framing with sunflower

7. Play with the lines, use symmetry

Another way of creating striking visuals is the use of symmetry. Try to find interesting lines in you environment and play with symmetry. You definitely will end up with a powerful shot. 


Symmetry image

8. Train for Silhouette photos

What is a silhouette photo?

It is a type of photo only showing the outlines of your subject and a featureless interior. The Silhouette subject is generally completely black. This is the result of shooting directly against the sun. For example, when shooting outdoor in sunset conditions, try to frame your subject exposing for the sky. Observe the result! Your subject is instantly darkened. Try it again so you get everything in focus!


Silhouette photography

9. Take Close-up details

Don’t hesitate to fill the frame completely by taking close-up details. Most of the iPhone can go pretty close to your subject and reveal outstanding details. The closer you are, the more you will feel image definition! Try to make striking pictures this way!


Watter details - Closeup

10. Compose from low angle

99% of iPhone photography is from sight height….Why is this so?! So convenient and natural. But, if you try to shoot from a low angle, you will instantly create something different. Try making some portraits from a low angle, placing your subject at 1/3 of the whole picture! See the result! It’s all about creativity, try things unusual!



Portrait - Low angle

11. Use professional or dedicated Apps

Yes! Even if your integrated camera app is quite good, you are not 100% free to achieve the shot your are dreaming of! Some apps offer more professional features to let you control every settings of your iPhone camera, like ISO, Shutter Speed, Raw shooting etc….

At least, if you don’t want to explore advanced features of your camera, try to use dedicated filters for your photos! 

We recommend these two apps :

VSCO : Lets you apply quick filters to improve your photos, online sharing community, and integrated camera app

ProCamera : this is a must for photographers and amateurs. You will have control over every settings of you cameraphone, including a manual mode to control shutter speed, ISO etc.

12. Use a tripod

Yes! Ultimate key point! 

To achieve extraordinary results, you should use a dedicated tripod. In this case you have no choice but using a professional app such as ProCamera to achieve the best results! Let’s say you want to take a night shot of the city. Without tripod, it will be a mess…

With a tripod, use CameraPro, set everything manual. Choose a very low ISO, focus your subject, set a long exposure of several seconds. Voilaaa! You now have an incredible shot with low noise, outstanding colors and quality even at night.


Long exposure photography

Using a tripod in low light will always improve your photos. But keep in mind that moving subject will be blurred.

Amazon is your friend for this kind of purchase 🙂