7 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views

by Helen Clark @videocaddy.com
Video production tips

Video, or if you prefer film development, can be divided into three phases. During the first one, pre-production, the video is planned, the second includes the video production itself and, finally the third refers to the video post-production phase.

During the post-production phase, the video gets edited. This includes adding special effects and animation. The video or production companies also offer video distribution services along with production services. All video development phases are vital for the success of the video. When done correctly, they will enable the video to become a real attention-grabber, convey a specific message, inspire emotion, and create engagement. Since this phase is so important, we will land you a helping hand. Here are seven video production tips to enhance quality and drive views.

Originality First and Foremost​

The quality of the video doesn’t only mean the resolution, but also the variety of shots, story, and characters arcs (no matter how small they are).

If you take someone else’s idea and use it to recreate your video, it won’t be original so that the quality will suffer. And trust us, you don’t want to end up driving views because of plagiarism.

What are your options in terms of originality and creativity? You can always start researching your competition to find out which topics they’ve already covered and identify what is left for you to cover. You can also browse through the hot videos in your niche and do targeted keyword research for some inspiration.

Carefully Plan the Video

To drive views and deliver a high-quality video, you can’t directly jump straight to video recording. Incoherent videos, with no logical timeline, will distract your audience or even cause a feeling of discomfort. Your videos have to be carefully planned out. So, take the opportunities the pre-production phase creates for you. What are these?


There are three documents that you should create before the shooting phase:

  • Video script
  • Video storyboard
  • B-roll shots plan


And, don’t forget, while you are out there shooting, feel free to shoot some extra footage. It’s easier to cut scenes out in post-production than having to do reshoots because you ended up with less video material than you need.

Plan video content

Don’t Settle With Mediocre Video Subjects

The subjects play key roles in popular videos. In fact, in many cases, the items are the main view-driving factors. Assess your marketing goals so that you can choose a strong character who can convey the right message and inspire the emotions you want – something or somebody that will make your audience fall in love with your video.


This is why you shouldn’t settle for mediocre video subjects. Take your time to consider all your options. Remember, it’s not enough to go with someone who is camera-friendly – your item has to deliver dialogue naturally. Organizing a small audition will help you select the best candidate.

Choose Your Sets Carefully

The sets give your character background. They make the videos appear more natural, thus allowing the audience to relate to the story. Plus, we live in a video era, and modern viewers have considerably higher standards than their peers from 10 years ago. Fortunately, you have options for a backdrop.

If you want to leave it up to the post-production experts, you can shoot in front of the green screen, which makes it easy to add anything for the shot background. You can also use a paper background, or simply get out and look for the best backdrop for your video.

Fine-tune the Flow of the Scenes

The flow of the scenes is also a significant factor to consider here. If you do it poorly, your audience won’t be able to connect with your video and receive the message. The flow of the scenes has to create engagement, inspire interest, and make the viewers want to see the end of the video.

Analyze your story to identify the most emotional segments with the potential for drama and building tension, and place them in the crucial spots in the post-production phase.

post-production analysis

Don’t Forget the Music

Video is a powerful media because it incorporates both visual and auditive stimuli. This is why you should leverage the opportunity in front of you and use good background music for your videos. It will help you convey the message and help the audience connect with your video better. Music can also help you mask the background noise or any other sounds that you are unhappy with.

Use Text, But Carefully

Finally, if you need to use text in your video, you don’t want to use colors and fonts to drive the audience’s attention from the video to text.

Use standard fonts and colors in videography. If there is something you want to convey via text, add text animations in the post-production phase, but not anything too flashy.

Video Production Tools

There are many video production tools to help you in creating attractive and professional videos.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a cutting-edge video production tool. It comes with plenty of options to play with. The user interface is intuitive, and the drag-and-drop functionality makes onboarding very fun and somewhat comfortable.

SDC Free Video Editor

When it comes to free video production tools, the SDC Free Video Editor is definitely among the best ones. With plenty of tutorials online, high functionality, premade objects, and effects, this video editor will make video creation a walk in the park.

The video production and distribution industry revenue are increasing year after year. In 2017, companies in this vertical had generated an income of $64.94 billion.
What is the reason behind this trend? It has become essential to partner up with a video production company. Video production companies:

● Have the experience to devise effective video marketing strategies.
● Can create engaging stories and bring them to life on a screen.
● Offer professional production capabilities.
● Offer time and cost-saving opportunities via the optimized video production process.

One of these companies, Video Caddy (VCD), offers dependable video animation services to help businesses get a competitive advantage in the marketing landscape.

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