Corporate portrait of Neat Production - Andres

Capturing the right corporate portrait

This corporate portrait of Neat Production was taken in our Studio in  Barcelona. Andres on this business portrait, is the owner specialised in short films. They do short videos for any type of brands willing to promote themselves using social networks , websites and more! 
Andres, the owner is always behind the camera. It was actually the first time he had to pose for a professional shooting, in front of a camera!
We made a whole series of corporate portraits at the studio, and after  20 minutes of continuous shooting and discussion, the magic happened! The requested business portrait was there!
Portrait of Neat Production
This business portrait was taken with a simple setup (1 backdrop, 1 key lights and one side diffuser). But the most important was just capturing the moment Andres wanted most! And that’s it! 
When we realize our business portraits, we always provide a selection of photos just after the shooting. Generally we provide 30-40 photos for the final selection.
We had a great moment with Andres. He is a very sociable and easy to work with. We had the chance to see some of his work at Neat Production. He worked with small businesses and bigger companies. He is skilled and experienced.
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