Do you want to create your own online course? At Paper Prod, we are experts in the production of training videos. We accompany you in the production of training videos: preparation, structure, recording, post-production and advertising trailers to sell your online course.

Video as a learning medium

If online education has flourished so much, it is in large part due to the power of video. Instructional videos allow learners to visualize complex concepts, watch demonstrations and immerse themselves in interactive scenarios. This makes learning more engaging, memorable and effective.

Training video production with Paper Prod

Distance education is constantly evolving and online learning has become an important pillar of this educational revolution. One of the essential components of online learning is the production of videos adapted to the media. Having interesting content is not enough. It is also important to create an adapted and quality training video.

Structure and adaptation of your training content for the video format

Paper Prod helps you structure your content to adapt it to the video format. Can I improvise? Should I use a teleprompter? Are my texts too long? Too short? What is the average length of an online course?

These are some of the questions we answer to ensure dynamic content adapted to the video format.

Real scenarios or green screen recording

We offer you the option to record your online course using a real stage or a green screen. Do you have a specific idea in mind to carry out your project? We look for a stage or a recording location that fits your expectations.

Do you want to be able to change scenery easily or do you prefer to illustrate the theme of your course in an original way? We record your e-learning videos in a green screen studio.


Content preparation

We provide you with the essential keys to ensure an optimal structure of your online course. We help you with the text structure, the recommended number of words, and the selection of stock images and videos.

Recording and postproduction

We organize and carry out the post-production of your online course. We integrate the pedagogical content you have created to the course videos: slides, presentation images of the concepts explained, screen recordings etc. We also look for stock images and videos to dynamize your videos when necessary.

Creation of Advertising Trailers

Do you want to advertise to sell your online course to a wider audience? We offer you an additional service to create an advertising trailer for your course. The advertising video is adapted to each platform: YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.

Our trailers include 3 different hooks, known as "Hooks" or "Scroll Stoppers". This allows you to test the hook that works best to maximize your chances of selling your course through paid advertising.


Producing training videos is not just about recording a person talking in front of a camera. It involves careful planning, effective storytelling, engaging visuals and thoughtful interactions. Here are some key elements to keep in mind.

Pedagogical Planning

Before creating a training video, it is essential to establish clear pedagogical objectives and to structure the content in a logical way. It is ideal to divide key topics into modules - avoid overly long lessons so as not to overwhelm your students! If a topic requires special attention, prefer to divide it into several small lessons. Your students will thank you and it will make your job easier on the day of the recording.

Write scripts for your lessons, use a teleprompter, use a teleprompter.

A well-written script is the foundation of any successful e-learning video. It guides the narration, visuals and interactions, and ensures a predictable and professional result. Paper Prod provides you with the keys to the technical structure and ideal length of your texts. We film all course lessons with a teleprompter. We do not accept improvised projects.

Adapt the tone of your speech

Always think about addressing your students directly. Favor a more oral and direct speech. Written formulations do not always work in an oral discourse, which is usually the case with e-learning videos. When the texts of your lessons are ready, read them aloud. You will immediately notice the formulation problems.

Practice before recording

The oral practice of the texts to be recorded is often a forgotten stage. However, when it comes to videos in e-learning, it plays a triple role:

- It allows to identify errors, misunderstandings and formulation problems.
- Avoid delays during the recording: thinking time to rewrite a sentence, a paragraph, modify scripts, update the teleprompter, restart the course recording.
- It allows to obtain better results. Videos that have been practiced tend to be more fluid and enjoyable for students.

Included Services



It can be a cool space that you provide yourself. We can rent a space for the recording of your course : an office, a special place adapted to your needs or a recording studio with a green screen.



We use high-quality cameras to ensure that your video is of the best quality.



Our lavalier microphones and boom microphones are perfect for these situations. Being close to the presenter, they guarantee excellent sound minimizing external noise.



Read the text without the audience noticing. Thus, you can convey the exact message you want without the fear of forgetting your lines.



We have a video editor to mix all the images. Our workflows allow us to complete editing in a very short time.

Audiovisual Services

Benefits of Our Elearning Videos

Effective Communication

Being pre-recorded videos, you can repeat takes until the message is exactly as you had in mind.

Reach and Distribution

Elearning videos allow you to reach a wider audience. If you transform your online course into mini-lessons, you will be able to catch the attention of more people.

Improved Visibility

Videos are attractive by nature, which encourages people to use them more.

Builds Trust

By showing the face of your business, you humanize it. In this way, you can easily inspire trust in your customers.

Various Industries

We have experience in producing Elearning Videos for various industries. We particularly excel in the finance, technology, and fashion sectors. We understand the unique needs and challenges of each industry and adapt our training videos to meet these requirements.


We believe that every client is unique and therefore, every training video we produce is customized to meet your specific needs. We work with you to customize the script, images, video length, and more, ensuring that your message is conveyed in the most effective way. We strive to understand your brand, your goals, and your audience to create a video that is authentically yours.

Content Quality

At the heart of our Training Videos is the quality of the content. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information in all our videos. Our team of professionals ensures that every element of the video, from the script to postproduction, meets our rigorous quality standards.

Engaging Videos

We know people like videos that are entertaining and fun. That's why we strive to make videos that not only teach but also keep people interested.