Highlight your company with an institutional video

Paper Prod is an agency specialized in the production of institutional videos. Our expertise is to bring your company to life through a video that reflects your passion, experience and values.

Share your experience on video

In the era of digital communication, video has become an indispensable medium. The institutional video is the cornerstone of an effective communication strategy. It allows you to present your company, tell your story, highlight your activities, strengths, projects, innovations and values. It provides a synthetic overview that encourages viewers to learn more about you and become your future customers.

Versatile and suitable for a variety of situations, the institutional video can be easily shared on your online platforms, websites and social networks. It is also ideal for events such as trade shows, conferences or colloquiums. Its generalist message addresses a wide audience, including customers, partners, investors, distributors, shareholders and employees.

Give your company an identity with a corporate video

The institutional video allows you to give a concrete identity to your company. By highlighting people who are passionate about their work, it reinforces the bond of proximity and trust with your audience. In only 2 or 3 minutes, it clearly answers the question: "What does your company do?" It reveals and values your organization, employees, partners, customers, values and expertise. The video visually and aesthetically translates all of your company's assets, whether large or small.

Present your products and services with a video

Video is the most effective way to explain your activities and detail your services. In just a few minutes, or even seconds, it gives your audience a complete overview of your company, its operations and services.

Whether it's through a voiceover or speaking directly to your audience on camera, institutional video allows you to communicate clearly and concisely. It even simplifies complex concepts and highlights all your skills. Interviews with your employees or managers give a voice to those who shape the company, offering a living testimony and an authentic immersion in your universe.

Communicate through an institutional video

There is nothing better for a company, regardless of its size, than to present itself through its achievements. Video is an indispensable communication tool, integrated into your overall digital communication strategy.

Exclusive images allow the audience to (re)discover you, which is much more eloquent than a long speech. A well-designed, even sober video highlights the key facts and assets of your company. The sound environment reinforces the collective emotion. In addition, the corporate video can include positive testimonials from your customers or visitors at a trade show.

A customized institutional video

Paper Prod's institutional video is completely customized to your needs and vision. You share with us your ideas on how to present your company, activities and services. From there, we take care of the whole process, from creating scripts and scenarios to filming. We manage the production, editing, graphic design and any necessary adjustments. We deliver essential video content for your global audiovisual communication strategy.

Videos for B2B and B2C companies

Paper Prod works with companies of all sizes, whether they are SMEs or large companies with a strong international presence. The corporate video highlights your activities and services, offering a complete view of your environment while showing your collaborators in action, contributing to the success of your company. We have acquired experience in a variety of sectors, allowing us to meet specific needs.

Versatile diffusion

Corporate video is a powerful tool for SEO and conversion, which has become essential in any communication strategy. It adapts to all formats and distribution channels. It immediately captures attention, enriching the home page of your website. It is also effective in attracting the attention of visitors to an exhibition stand at a trade show. It can be disseminated by email, in newsletters or emails, and of course, it accompanies your social media posts.