We are a company specialized in the production and realization of films and videos for professionals in the construction industry, construction and public works.

Paper Prod specializes in video production for professionals in the construction, building and public works industry. Our mission is simple: to highlight your construction projects through professional videos.

Corporate Video Production

Paper Prod is an audiovisual production company dedicated to the production of corporate videos. We collaborate closely with key players in the construction and architecture industry.

We accompany you in your communication strategy by creating videos that reflect the scope and quality of your works. Your next construction project deserves a professional video.

Why is video essential in the construction industry?

In a constantly evolving and highly competitive industry, communication is critical. Whether you are a developer, project manager, architect, craftsman or foreman, it is imperative to show the progress of work and communicate effectively.

Video offers a unique perspective to present your construction projects, whether for internal communication, official and inaugural videos, construction reporting, visual project history, promotion of your team, illustrations for your website, promotions to prospective clients or for trade shows. We are here to support your communication strategy.

Build your image as a construction expert

Every construction site involves a variety of professions, and our videos show the power of this collective commitment. We capture in images the history and evolution of your construction projects.

Thanks to video, highlight your expertise and values, boost your communication and increase your visibility.

Strengthen your reputation and broaden your horizons.

We use various innovative audiovisual techniques, such as drones or time-lapse, that enhance your achievements and match your architectural ambitions and projects. All our videos are adaptable to multiple platforms, allowing you to share them and use them to communicate with your network.

Publicize and communicate your architectural works

Video production for the construction industry reveals the grandeur of its architectural works, offering the viewer a 360° view of the construction site.

Communicates the progress of the work by highlighting equipment, expertise and materials. It presents the different stages of work and compliance with deadlines. For architects and site engineers, our videos are exceptional tools to highlight their work.

Our videos complement your activity reports and can also be used to attract future investors or respond to tenders. Developers, builders and local authorities, maximize your chances of convincing.

Highlight your construction and public works projects

For construction and public works companies, video is a key part of their communication strategy.

Our on-site videos highlight the work in the field and the resources employed. Communicate effectively with your customers and partners and share your technological advances and work philosophy.

From planning to production, from narration to filming and editing, we design the most appropriate videos to present your construction industry experience.

At Paper Prod, we accompany all construction professionals in the production of videos for the construction industry.

Videos for the entire automotive ecosystem

Our films target all stakeholders in the automotive industry: vehicle manufacturers, dealers, spare parts, exhibitions, automotive events. Whether it's a sporting event such as a rally, a grand prix, a road or track competition, or a car show, we are here to support your audiovisual content strategy.