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Looking for a video creator ? You've come to the right place. At Paper Prod, we work closely with each client to deliver tailor made videos.

Film Maker

in Barcelona

video production

We work with clients of all sizes and budgets. You may only need one film maker doing everything as a one man problem, we have you covered.

You video idea may be require a bigger team, more resources : video creator, camera operator, Lighting assistant, Filming Set, Set Designer, Make artist, Sound Engineer etc. Our team will grow with your project.

We are not only film makers, we are a video production company based in Barcelona.

We work with clients based in Spain and France.



We help you create you next content, wether it´s a corporate video, marketing video, promotional video or any other personalized content we can help with!

Video Corporativo

Help your customers and partners understand who you are.

Video Promocional

Awareness, branding , grow your audience and engage with new customers.

Video Comercial

Gain new customers, showcase you products and services.

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