CHAMP BOXERS - Social Media Video Ads

Champ boxers the #1 boxers

What We Did

Post-production only (Video editing)

  • Custom Intro / Outro

  • Logo Animation

  • Video & Image compositing

  • Keying, green screen

  • Color correction

  • Custom Titles

  • Custom animations / Transitions

  • Music, SFX

  • Music Editing

  • Audio enhancing : levels, EQ, transition, compression

  • Video editing with stock footage, B-rolls

  • Video editing with provided footage / photos of customers


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Atlanta, Georgia, US


Editor: Paper Prod
Client : Champ Boxers


Champ Boxers is a Black Owned company based in Atlanta, GA. They make premium boxers briefs and other clothes and accessories. They are rapidly growing and needed to gain even more visibility and public awareness.

We made several videos to support their growth and marketing campaigns. We designed and animated a short video for social medial (mainly Instagram & Facebook). Helped them communicate sales offer to engage with their audience, and ultimately convert views into actual sales.

We also edited a Youtube video with client’s testimonials (audio and videos) to support the brand’s values and community.

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