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What We Did

Post-production only (Video editing)

  • Custom intro animation

  • Video & Image compositing

  • Rotoscoping, background animation

  • Color correction

  • Custom Titles

  • Custom animations / Transitions

  • Music, SFX

  • Music Editing

  • Audio enhancing : levels, EQ, transition, compression

  • Video editing with stock footage, B-rolls

  • Video editing with provided footage / photos of customers


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Philadelphia, PA, US


Editor: Paper Prod
Client : Rachel’s English


Rachel’s English is a Youtube Channel about American English pronunciation. The channel needed some video editing improvements over what they usually do for other videos. They were looking for a video editor able to create some entertaining animations to help the channel engage even more with its audience. We created all titles, slides, text animations, doodle style transitions, count-downs and more to support the educational message. Once published, the video quickly hit its target and we achieved the expected results. To create this Youtube video, we were given a script and the video recording of Rachel talking in front of the camera.

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