Prepare your corporate photoshoot

Preparing for your corporate photoshoot is important for the marketing of your business, your products and services. Many people think that portraits are for actors or filmmakers but this is not true. Portraits for corporate photoshoot are a powerful way to market yourself and your brand in news, on websites, social media, and posters. . A person looking to build a resume can use corporate photoshoot photos or a business portrait for making employees profiles. At Paper Prod we make corporate photography or individual portrait. A business photoshoot session can be done in the studio and on location. The studio session is generally at the photographer’s address. The location session is generally at the client’s address or company’s address.

Business photoshoot In Studio at Paper Prod, Barcelona

Branding your business, self-branding

The corporate portrait represents your business and your everyday activity. Portrait photography is all about your attitude and the values you want to convey. A positive attitude will quite often be more effective than hoping to come up short. Corporate portraits are helpful in the branding of your business. It helps in building website posts and communication. A headshot helps in making an employee profile. It is made to be viewed by others, and yes it is the first marketing tool!

About the clothes

Corporate photoshoot image

Whether you are going for a studio session or a location session, clothes are an important factor in good photography. When you prepare for a corporate session, try to come to the studio with the cloth that you usually wear at your workplace. You should also pay attention to details : iron your clothes, make sure you don’t have any stain etc. Clean clothes are a key factor for perfect portraits. A good portrait photographer pays attention to every little details, but he also needs the collaboration of his models! This gives the best look to your portraits and gives an insight on your job.

Relax during the corporate photoshoot

You need to be relaxed and confident! Don’t be impressed by the studio equipment. Your photographer may use two flashlights or professional strobes facing a gray or white background. Another Key light with a large softbox (light modifier to soften the light), and a diffuser or an additional strobe! But that’s nothing! Studio photography provides constant light regardless of weather, season or time of day. Once you talked to the photographer and see the first results, you will forget about the equipment. Making your corporate headshots or portraits in studio have many advantages. As a client, you won’t be in a rush, the photographer will take the necessary time to get the right picture of you. Generally the session is kind of private with you and the photographer. This helps reducing the potential stressful situation. At Paper Prod in Barcelona, you will be able to review your photos, while our photographer takes your pictures. You will be instantly amazed and distressed by the result. In these conditions, the photographer controls every single light. Modifying the look to get flattering and professional portraits won’t be a problem! Bring up with an outfit in which you feel relaxed. Come up with a positive mind and feel comfortable. You don’t need to worry about posing and lightning, our professional photographer is experienced in corporate portraits sessions. Be positive and confident during all session to get the most out of your portraits.

Business photoshoot at your office

Business photoshoot at the workplace is different from studio photography. An indoor corporate photoshoot can be challenging, particularly when the task is to photograph individuals in their workplaces. At the point when given a glassy room with white walls and diminish light, most of the photographer’s takers get lost, since they don’t have a clue how to manage light spills, reflections and outside light. At Paper Prod Barcelona, our photographer is well trained to deal with these types of situations.
Replicate Studio conditions for your corporate photoshoot
We can convert a workplace into a studio-like environment. For that purpose, we need enough space, for example, a room with a minimum 3-meter width and 5-meter length. The room must have curtains or anything capable of preventing sunlight from interfering with strobes lights. This is particularly useful if you need to realize the whole company pictures. We make sure to capture your corporate portraits using our professional mobile studio. 
Environmental, Office portraits
You could opt for environmental portraits, very similar to corporate photoshoot. They are shot in a location which is natural or relevant to the model. It could be in the company’s office, store, workshop, or it could be an event. This type of corporate portrait will picture your business running dynamically. If you choose this type of corporate photograph, ask yourself “What do I want to show?” This is important, as you have to explain it to your photographer. What do you want to convey? With whom should you, or your employees be pictured? Etc.
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