Easy video production tips that hike quality and engage

Video production tips

7 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views by Helen Clark @videocaddy.com Video, or if you prefer film development, can be divided into three phases. During the first one, pre-production, the video is planned, the second includes the video production itself and, finally the third refers to the video post-production phase. During the […]

12 iPhone Photography tips to improve your photos

Symmetry image

12 iPhone photography tips to improve your photos You want to take better photos with your iPhone? You don’t need to be an award wining photographer! Given the fact that you probably take your iPhone everywhere, every time…it is your best companion and very best camera! 1. Hold tight! with two hands Don’t laugh! We […]

What is the best time of day to take portrait pictures?

What is the best time of day to take portrait pictures? As photographers, we are often asked “Is there a best time during the day to take portraits?”  The short answer is yes, especially when we are going for a natural light session. We are going to consider 4 different light phases during the day, […]