What is corporate photography?

Corporate Portrait

Business pictures

Whether it is about business, influencers, marketing, photos have become a major way of communication and representation. An authoritative source for businesses to showcase their brand spirit is indeed corporate photography. Corporate photography or business photography is used by both small and large businesses to promote their brand, their own identity. Business photography is specifically done to meet your business needs and help it expand.

Common corporate photography requirements

There are few types of images often used in corporate photography. The following categories are the main ones : 
Headshots of staffProfessional portraits Environmental / Office photography Corporate events Product and services 
Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, influencer, small business or large one the usage vary little. The goal is to market yourself, your brand, services or products on your professional website, social media, brochures, annual reports , marketing, internal communication etc. Business photography is a fantastic way of exhibiting your quality of service, your company’s culture. 

Preparing a corporate photoshoot

The first step is obviously choosing the right photographer. At Paper Prod we consider that knowing the core of the company’s spirit is important to get the right photos. Should the photos look brighter? Should everyone be smiling on each picture? Should they look in the same direction? Ideally, an appointment or a dedicated call should be set before the photoshoot. A collaboration between the client and the photographer is necessary to determine the best type of corporate photography, the location, and its tone / spirit. If the business photoshoot is about picturing the whole company staff, a precise time table should be defined. As we know, executives and employees have very brief windows, time is precious. A detailed scheduled must be established to realize the corporate photoshoot in the best conditions. This is all about defining requirements, aesthetics, unique culture and helping the photographer make the required pictures. 

Corporate poses and considerations

Here are some essential things to keep in mind though as photographer we will also guide you along the way. 
  • Posture
Posture is not necessarily all about posing. Keep in mind what you want to show. In general, in the business world, you want to show confidence, self-control and authority. Your body language tells a lot. We will help you get the right posture. 
  • Lighting
 Photography is all about light. Using strobes and flashes can be quite tricky. A good professional knows his equipment and how to produce a flattering portrait straight out of the camera. At Paper Prod, we generally use a two lights setup with a large softbox on the main light. A softbox is used, as its name implies to soften the light and produce very soft and progressive shadows. The result is a flattering portrait, enhancing face features. 
  • Reflections 
A good professional pays attention to details. As a matter of fact, a lot a people wear glasses. Corporate environments are no different. When shooting with flashes, strobes or any kind of artificial light, reflections are a common problem. An experienced photographer should know exactly how to setup and place his lights in complex environments to avoid or reduce reflections. If this is not possible, he should know how to properly combine two photographs of the same model into one. The first photo being the model with his glasses. The second one being the model in the exact same position and lightning setup, exposure etc, without the glasses, to get skin texture color etc. Then he would combine them in post production. 
We work on details, even after the photoshoot, we scrutinize every picture to ensure the best photographs possible, according to our own style and the client’s requirements. 
We provide the kind of corporate photography services described in this article. Feel free to contact us!
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